1/26/16 –Exploration of Wine Country

It started off being a kind of grey, misty day, not the ideal weather to be exploring California’s beautiful wine country. Yet the drive to Napa proved to be mesmerizing and inspiring. Heading north from hustle bustle SF area was easy and leaving behind the grid locked, stop and go congestion was encouraging. The day before, Superbowl 50 traffic controls were implemented in SF – on Battery St, it took three stop lights to get through each block, with traffic control personnel directing who went, where and when at every other intersection. Think I will be staying OUT of the city for the next few weeks. Hugh! Watching the Super bowl festivities on TV will be fine… or maybe not, could be a nice weekend to head back to wine country!!

Oh so back to the calm….. Heading north and east showcased the GREEN undulating hills through Marin and into Sonoma and Napa. Thank you, El Nino for all the rain! The inland waterways were full and teaming with birds flitting around and cranes stretching their legs and necks, showing off their black or golden slippers. The turn bridges were all open awaiting their next sailing vessel. Cruising highways 37, 121 and 12, the fields and hills were lush, the vineyards so nicely manicured, crisp and colorful from the seemingly omnipresent rains. Vivid mustard yellow stripped the vineyards. The wiry, yet brawny grape skeleton vines stood casually at attention, contently basking in the luxury of Mother Nature’s long absent showers. Stretching, and reaching. Anticipating the coming sunshine and heat. But not quite yet… In the distance, the mist and low lying fog gently veiled the hill tops. It was an alluring scene. Gentle, romantic. Slowly, the mist dissipated, eventually dissolving into the rising and falling terrain. This is California’s infamous and picturesque wine country. We are sooo lucky to be so close!!

This day, with an invitation from Treasury Wineries, visits included Etude, Beringer, and St Clement – a boutique setting to a world renowned name to classic cabs in a former Victorian home. More about them in upcoming posts…















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