SF Pinot Days – 2015

Boy, I’m working hard…. or is that hardly working…. these last weeks have been eventful.

SF Pinot Days proved to be a good research Day. Lots of great wines to checkout.  You know, all those wines you heard about – and can now actually see the label and taste the wares, chat with the wine makers in some cases or at least with their sales reps about the ”details”.  There are always new names that someone else introduced you to while sipping,  swirling and sometimes spitting, which I still find hard to do…. such a waste of good wine.

But there were some very nice finds.  My tasting buddy and I have “different” palates. There were my favorites- full, fruity, fragrant bouquet, nice smooth lingering rich finish and then those he enjoyed – more earthy, with tannins, and a slight “pucker” in the finish.  Thus, we are able to give a wider array of “good” reviews, based upon the different palates and can convey more breadth to the tastings.  Still, we covered only a splattering of the wines, and wine makers present.
Below are some of MY preferences and recommendations.

Saintsbury 2012 pinot, stanly ranch $54 B
Golden Eye 2012 pinot, anderson valley light nose, earthy, nice clean finish $55 B
Scherrer 2008 pinot, library sonoma platt valley $75 B
Migration 2013 pinot, russian river nice nose and finish $38 C
Gary Farrell 2012 pinot, russian river fruity $45 C
Scherrer 2011 pinot, russian river $46 C
Kellar estate 2012 pinot, el core $54 C
Saintsbury 2013 pinot, Sundawg ridge $54 C
Scherrer 2012 pinot, sonoma, green valley, hallberg vineyd $75 C
Kellar estate 2012 pinot, la cruz $35 D
Siduri 2013 pinot, sierra mar $51 D

We followed up with lunch at close by Bluestem Brasserie on Yerba Buena Lane. Our choices: the shrimp and grits with a rose, the pulled pork sandwich with a red rhone and the trout salad… with water.

So much to see and do in the area.  we decided to wander.  A nice combo of international folks as well locals walking, leisurely exploring, determined focus to get where ever, but no one seemed to be on a urgent timeline as during the weekdays.  With no specific destination, just heading in an “interesting” direction, A short walk away and some fresh air found Hakkasan, the upscale Cantonese restaurant It’s second floor location has a great view of Market St from the entrance with a glitzy atmosphere and setting– no comparison with what you’d find in Chinatown.  the menu offers an inviting array dishes to try –

A few blocks away, Dirty Habit caught my eye.  A walk through the lounge and bar area, revealed a nice outdoor terrace with firepits to keep all comfy socializing. shall have to return…

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