Mt. Veeder Spring Tasting

Hosted by the Mount Veeder Appellation Council, we were indulged with their current releases in the Spring Wine Tasting.   Overall, Delightfully wonderful!  There are some beautiful wines coming off that mountain!  All would be welcome on my tables!!

A little about Mount Veeder – the Mountain by the Bay – an appellation located west of Napa and Yountville.  It is influenced by the cooling weather from the adjoining the bayside Carneros region and San Pablo Bay. The rugged steep terrains of ancient sea beds were thrust skyward, into and above the fog banks. With shallow topsoil, minimal water retention and the longest growing season of Napa Valley, Mt Veeder renders tiny berries, with an intense concentration of flavors with soft tannins.   Here, the yields are the lowest compared to the rest of valley’s grapes growing in more voluminous and thirst quenching volcanic soils.

These rugged conditions demand the mountain growers and vintner’s utmost attention and highest quality craftsmanship.  And their hardy efforts are showcased in their wines.  Below are favorites, a luscious treat in my glass.

Mt Veeder Tastings 2016 2016-04-21 001Mt Veeder Tastings 2016 2016-04-21 005Mt Veeder Tastings 2016 2016-04-21 011Mt Veeder Tastings 2016 2016-04-21 012Mt Veeder Tastings 2016 2016-04-21 015


Hess Collection 2012 Cab Sauv full body, nice finish ** $60 yy
Lampyridae Vineyards 2011 Cab Sauv,  100% Communication Block, full, complex ** $100 yy
Mithra winery 2012 Cab sauv, Mt Veeder full body, complex to finish, nice tannins *** $190 yy
Mt Veeder Winery 2013 Cab Franc, 77% cab franc, , 23% cab sauv full body, heavy fruit, clean finish ** $50 yy
Sbragia Family Vineyards 2013 Charonnay, Gamble Ranch wonderfully balanced, fruity, little oak, clean finish ** $48 yy
Sbragia Family Vineyards 2012 Cab Sauv, Godspeed full flavor, med body, nice nose, good complexity, clean finish ** $95 yy
Trinchero napa Valley 2012 Malbec Cloud’s Nest Vineyard dark opaque color, nice nose, full,fruit ** $60 yy
Trinchero napa Valley 2012 Cab Sauv Cloud’s Nest Vineyard full, fruit comes thru, nice nose, clean finish ** $85 yy
Yates Family Vineyard 2014 Viognier, 100% light, fruity, refreshing, good acid ** $38 yy
Yates Family Vineyard 2013 Merlot, Fleur de Veeder fuller than most, good flavors, bright acidity, interesting (complexity), cln finish ** $45 yy
Yates Family Vineyard 2012 Cab Reserve, Alden Perry, 51% cab, 37 cab franc, 12 merlot complex, interesting finish w lots of flavors coming thru ** $65 yy




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