Napa PorchFest 2016

Can’t think of a better way to get to know the lovely Napa historical district,  the neighborhoods, the neighbors – some near, some far -AND be entertained by the local artists. It’s a day for all ages, with a wide assortment of music, from jazz to rock, to classical, to hip hop…  Just wander til you hear something you like. Beautiful weather, good food, drink and GREAT MUSIC!!  and it is FREE!

It’s an afternoon of talented folks putting on the Ritz from 65 historic house porches around downtown Napa and nearby neighborhoods. there’s a wide variety of musical talent and fabulous shows to entertain the hundreds of folks exploring the neighborhoods.  All stopping, listening and sharing with those you happen to be standing next to. Lawns and the areas in front of the performing musical houses are set up with chairs and blankets. the streets are filled with on lookers swinging and a swaying to the beat.  and there’s dancing in streets!


Everyone is contributing their time, talent and sharing with the community… the performers as well as all participants in streets….

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