La Crema’s Estate- Saralee’s Vineyard Grand opening, Sept 17, 2016

What a fun, bustling day at La Crema’s Estate Grand Opening of Saralee’s Vineyard.  Beautiful setting, walks through the vineyards, great wines, food, music, views, and delightful people!  What more could you ask for on a Sat afternoon in wine country! Here are a few photos… sorry but too busy showing off my new puppy, Oliver.  This was his first really big social day. oh boy, were going to make some friends!!

Sooo the Grand opening….Exciting entrance to the new property. Driving beside the vineyards, into the property, then into the actual vineyards themselves!  Parked in-between the rows of lusciously ripening clusters of grapes, making sure sure we could still get out of the car without wrangling any grape vines or their precious bounty.  Picturesque scenery, up close and one with the grapes.  of course a couple popped into the mouth… ahhh, waiting for harvest….

It was a warm and bit dusty walk down the vineyard road, through the rows of grapes, to the main thoroughfare. A guide directed us to the Estate building. Up a bit of a hill…. Oh there it is.  We have arrived!

At the entrance, a crowd was gathered, so we started off out to the knoll, passing more folks, and another pup much bigger than (and not as cute as) my Ollie.  Lots of friends to be made, big time Ollie Meet and Greets – you would have thought he was the welcoming committee.  2 tiny paw prints greeting every passing person legs… and puppy kisses to go along.  Oh yes… lovely views of the surrounding Vineyards. Le Crema Russian River Chardonnay, full and oaky went well with the Hog Island oysters atop the knoll.  Delectable combination!

Back at the main estate, checked in.  Per the “Passport”, there were several stations to explore…  the main floor tasting bar, spacious venue for good size groups and tastings.  This led downstairs and out onto the vineyard stone patio.  Good tunes from the band, accompanied the Paella and Saralee’s Pinot Noir- nice full and fruity- were a favorite. Again lots more friends to be made, big and little. Everyone got the tiny paws “so happy to meet you” greeting and of course, more puppy kisses to go around.

In the back was the Nine Barrel Room showcasing all releases. The Nine Barrel Pinot accompanied by leg of lamb with potatoes, mushrooms and bacon vinaigrette, quite yummy together.  The chef’s Counter was adjacent serving up desserts.  And Upstairs with serene views were the Club member rooms and balcony decks…. showcasing their limited release chards and pinots.

a very lovely time.  Congrats to La Crema and Saralee’s Vineyard.  Thank you for the invite!


Another enlightening, fun and educational day exploring a bit more of what wine country is all about…


stay tuned… lots more to come….

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