beautiful sunset… before the rains

You know when you need to get outdoors and just get away… some fresh air and blue sky to clear the mind… some time out in the open , away from the structured walls and confines of construction??  well it was this kind of day.  we had a few days of lovely clear weather, not that I’d had a chance to appreciate its glory.  but today was the day, and it was now.

Sped over to the east bay, yes, to make it a beneficial, multi-purpose journey.  Ollie and I hastened out to Point  Isabel, along with the myriad of other four-legged creatures and their owners with the same idea – oh, what a beautiful evening! And did Mother Nature delight!  The skies lit up with lustrous colors, silhouetting the coastal and San Francisco horizon.  And with the few remaining minutes of the day, dramatically showcased the beauty of the landscape we are so lucky to live in, be a part of everyday, and take for granted far too often.  No matter where i travel in the world, it is always a pleasure, with excitement, to return home, here to Northern California.  We have everything anyone would ever want…..

And we did make it to Costco too, a few steps away…. wonder if anybody there noticed…??

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