Made in New Zealand Wine Tasting

I want to go back to New Zealand!!  The landscape is breath taking, the people are wonderfully friendly, and like California, a couple hours drive will take you to a wildly new and different destination.  From the majestic fiords and glaciers, to the rolling hills and mountains, sheep and cattle filled roads stalling your passage, to the oceans blue…. from breathtaking views, hiking, kayaking, parasailing, to Hobbit land and the Moreau tribal dances and traditions, to sheep shearing, to vast rows upon rows of luscious grapes… I’m ready to return, a month was not enough…

This Made in New Zealand Wine Tasting brings back delightful memories.  The wines coming from down under are a real treat.  Their Sauvignon Blancs continue to be an all time favorite – so bright, fruity, refreshing – always a winner for me.  And their pinot noirs are bringing much to the palate… below are some of my favorites. Keep some of these wines close at hand, they are oh so affordable…. you won’t be disappointed.

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