Fillmore Jazz Fest 2017

A delightful day of Jazz!  Lots of great music – Kim Nally the favorite, plus Brazilian ballads, blues, funk, hip hop, and lots of others we didn’t get around to hear…. fun folks of all ages, and 4 legged ones too! The music and crowd varied greatly over the 9 block music scene. A bit of something for everyone. Seems the far end stages don’t get the attention they deserve – the talented musicians doing their thing, yet without the centralized crowds of the main stages. Folks are missing out by not making the full round of performances…

And in between sets, there was a good array of tasty street food, all sorts of beverages and snacks, and interesting crafts to keep one entertained, amused and busy.  After the music, the streets cleared quickly.  taking some time to appreciate the quiet and quaintness of the neighborhood, one can see Victorian architecture intermingled with more modern upscale stores showcasing the evolving trends over the years.

As the hunger pangs increased, we were left with the difficult decision of which fabulous restaurant i.e. cuisine to choose for dinner and the grand finale of the day.  With some back and forth deliberation, think we chose well  –  Fresca Peruvian cuisine. The Whole fried Brazino with seafood stew was oh so delicious and the NY steak with with accompanying sunnyside egg up was a nice contrast. More Beer, wine and sangria rounded out the meal while chatting it up with some new found friends. A nice finish to an exciting, fun filled day.

Nice kick off to summer time festivities and a great 4th of July weekend event! Will look forward to another Jazz Fest next year…..

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